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At SD Construction & Developers, we enrich the concept of dream home by striking a poise between quality residence and commercial needs of our clients who think and cherish on global perception.

We always works towards the innovation that must bring trust and value to our clients, for a family is the holiest and holistic genre of social life that is always emerging out of the obscurities and ambiguities of happy life.

We have done in the past and we would keep doing so as we have the passion, grit and determination for a world for you. You dream your world and we construct it.

Our long and proven professional experience and commitment help us in identifying potential customer needs and addressing them by providing requisite solutions within a stipulated time frame. In a nutshell our overall process of on time project delivery creates a wow factor for the end user like never before.

This entity, one of the pioneers in the industry in Patna aims at delivering professional 360 degrees facilities management services to the residents. Services would work closely with the existing model and needs arising on daily basis. Maintenance of common services, sanitation, cleanliness, security and more are always attended effectively.

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