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Chairman's Message

When one person addresses another person, it should not be just a written communication; it must be an expression of conscience and cordiality.

Being a chairman of SD Construction & Developers, I would like to invoke your confidence and affection in order to ennoble my commitment to augment the company in all it's entirety.

He has been a firm believer in corporate intervention in the social sector encompassing & Philanthropic activities like improvements in the living standards of construction workers, and providing basic education and healthcare facilities in and around SD Construction & Developers projects to all the labors.

With a focus on customer's needs, likings and preferences, we have constantly developed our architectural marvels. Year after year the process of improvement goes on to deliver contemporary design and Specifications to our customers.

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  • Booking Open...When booking on the Chhath Puja 5 Gram of GOLD Free & 50% Pay will be Chhath Puja 2 Lakh Additinal charge then he will be Forgiven..

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