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Work Culture

SD Construction & Developers offers a positive energy culture in an exciting and supportive environment. Hard-working and goal-oriented employees are assured a steep career growth under the leadership of visionary leaders.

A collaborative work style encourages everyone to be part of a team that enjoys tackling tough challenges and ensuring advancement in all spheres.

Regardless of work location each individual is a member of an active staff community that shares knowledge and supports each other, working to meet common goals.

Growth of individual is supported through empowerment of knowledge. The state of the art SD Construction & Developers Knowledge Centre helps in imparting information and knowledge on various issues to every employee.

A comprehensive induction programme and in-service training provides the necessary base for new employees to perform better and in a more professional way.

The fresher's orientation programme includes a series of training courses, lectures about the corporate culture, product knowledge and technological knowledge to mention a few. This enhances growth of the innovative and scientific mind and their project management potential.

SD Construction & Developers offers a career with plenty of challenges and the pleasures of discovering one's hidden potential along with it. Employees are given the opportunity to broaden their skills and experience within the country and abroad. Regular participation of employees in seminars and conferences organised by premier institutions also contribute to their constant development.

The eventual career destination of a person entirely rests with the employees as the promotions are performance based. The necessary opportunities, resources, motivation and energy are provided to make it happen.

The work environment in SD Construction & Developers ensures ample opportunities, resources and motivation making each individual committed to excel and deliver with pride for a better tomorrow.

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